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Our Philosophy


 We didn't become the number one rated vinyl pool installer on the west  coast without doing something right.  It comes from a simple belief that  each pool should be treated as if it were our own.  Have you ever  wondered why other vinyl pool builders didn't offer you built-in steps  and only offered a rectangle shape?  Your needs weren't a priority to  them.  Where others fear the word custom - as in new steps, ledges and  pool shapes - we embrace your vision and needs.  It's never been easier  when you have the top engineer and installer at your side.  Inground  Vinyl Pools are all we've ever done, so we know how to do them well.  As  a result, we've garnered the highest reputation for quality and  excellence from our customers and suppliers. 

Our Commitment



We’re committed to providing you with  the best fitting pool liner for the longest, most enjoyable swimming  experience of any kind. 

Unique to Vinyl  Pool Pros, we go the extra mile to pay extraordinary attention to  inspect every aspect of the your pool walls, track and structure, to  ensure your liner replacement is trouble free down the road.

Unique  to Vinyl Pool Pros, we employ a precision 3D measurement technique  which ensures you get a liner guaranteed to last longer, fit tighter in  the corners where it counts, and minimize long-term sun tearing.  It's  no wonder we're rated best fitting liners by America's top pool liner  suppliers.